Tri-Cities Health Johnson City – Who We Are

Tri-Cities Health Johnson City is a comprehensive medical clinic that specializes in primary care and wellness.  Our services include testosterone replacement therapy for men, and estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone replacement for females, as well as IV nutritional infusion therapy. We firmly believe that a thorough physical, proper lab work, and extensive medical health history are imperative to help patients achieve optimal health.

At Tri-Cities Health, we do not utilize a “cookie cutter” approach to diagnosing and treating patients. We truly listen, explore symptoms and health problems, and then aggressively seek lasting solutions. While we do prescribe some prescription medications, we do not believe in “a pill for every problem”. Frequently, polypharmacy or “too many medications” is the actual cause of poor health.

Tri-Cities Health Johnson City is a family business and we treat every patient like they are part of our family. While we get many referrals from other medical clinics, urologists, and endocrinologists, most of our referrals are from our current patients who are very happy with their care. The medications and vitamins that we recommend to our patients are the same ones that we personally take, so we know the benefits first hand.

  • Dr. Kimberly McMurtrey