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Committed Partners

Patient/Provider trust is a bond we take seriously. At Tri-Cities Health, you are not just a "number". Our staff believes they can help you more by knowing you better.

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Tri-Cities Health Johnson City located at 112 W Springbrook Dr. Johnson City, TN 37604

We're All About YOUR Health

Our caring staff welcomes you the moment you walk in. Listening is the key to getting at the root cause of your health issues. You'll have a roadmap to help you get healthy again.

Dare to live more

Get your mojo back.

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An Innovative Health Provider

Tri Cities Health in Elizabethton, TN offers individualized state of the art diagnostic testing and treatment plans to help you achieve optimal health. Call now for an appointment.

Dare to live more

Get your mojo back.

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Our Services

Tri-Cities Health is dedicated to you. The Services we provide are concentrated on you and your well being.

Adrenal Fatigue
Anxiety/ Depression
Asthma/ Allergies
Back Pain
Coughs/ Colds/ Flu

Diabetic Neuropathy
DOT Physicals
Drug Testing
Erectile Dysfunction

Headaches/ Migraines
High Blood Pressure
IV Vitamin Therapy
Low Libido
Lyme Disease
Muscle Spasms/ Sprains
Natural Supplements
Poor Sleep

Restless Leg Syndrome
Sexual Dysfunction for Women
Testosterone Therapy
Trigger Point Injections
Weight Gain
Weight Loss

Tri-Cities Health Low Libido
Tri-Cities Health Trigger Point Injection
Tri-Cities Health Sexual Dysfunction